Online Courses

On-Demand Webcast: The Current State and Future Directions of Addiction Treatment ( Non-Accredited )
On-Demand Webcast: Creating a Culture that Supports Harm Reduction and Abstinence Based Models: Barriers, Benefits and Why it’s Important to Embrace Both ( Non-Accredited )
On-Demand Webcast: Outcomes/Evaluation of Services Roundtable ( Non-Accredited )
On-Demand Webcast: Understanding and Implementing MAT to Abstinence Based Programs ( Non-Accredited )
On-Demand Webcast: Vaping and Smoking Cessation – Can You Use an E-Cig to Quit Smoking? Do Treatment Programs offer them as an alternative of should they be banned? ( Non-Accredited )
On-Demand Webcast: Precision Addiction Management: Genetic Addiction Risk Score (GARS), The Research and Clinical Implications ( Non-Accredited )
On-Demand Webcast: The Challenge of Integrated Addiction Treatment: Treating the Person, Not the Payer ( Non-Accredited )
On-Demand Webcast: Panel Discussion: Understanding Harm Reduction ( Non-Accredited )
On-Demand Webcast: Ethical Issues Regarding Risk Management in the Provision of Clinical Care ( Non-Accredited )
On-Demand Webcast: The Role of Self-Disclosure in the Clinical Process ( Non-Accredited )
On-Demand Webcast: Overcoming Challenges to Involving Families in Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder ( Non-Accredited )
On-Demand Webcast: Treatment of Marijuana Addiction in the 'Failure to Launch' Emerging Adult Population ( Non-Accredited )
On-Demand Webcast: Opportunities in Prevention Services: Using Technology to Improve Care and Expand Your Services ( Non-Accredited )
On-Demand Webcast: Accrual Basis Revenue Recognition: What it is, Why it Matters, and How To Make the Switch ( Non-Accredited )
On-Demand Webcast: Technology’s Impact on Addiction Prevention and Treatment ( Non-Accredited )
On-Demand Webcast: Using Measurement Based Care & Outcomes Research to Improve Treatment Effectiveness & Your Bottom Line ( Non-Accredited )
On-Demand Webcast: Opiate Use Disorder during Pregnancy: Complications and Treatment Recommendations ( Non-Accredited )