Welcome to your journey on becoming a Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist (CCMS)!

This certification provides clinicians with the comprehensive knowledge and unique perspective to deliver the most informed, practical, and effective nutritional counseling for their patients.

You will be able to complete your 60 required credits under the “Certification” tab. Please read the description under each section to make sure you are claiming the appropriate credits. Each section entails a plus sign (+) that will load the appropriate links below when clicked.


The certification is divided into sections in which you can claim credit for:

CRS Webcasts 

• Culinary Medicine Online Modules

• Hands-on Teaching Kitchen Modules (4 required)

• Required Readings (2 required)

• Past Conference Credit


We have created a diagram to help demonstrate the certification process, Pathway to CertificationIf you have any questions, please email info@culinarymedicinecertified.com.

Good luck on your journey to becoming a CCMS!