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What Would You Do?


by Marc Cohen on 12/11/2013

Hearing in rheumatology clinic yesterday that the fellows do not like calculating a Clinical Disease Activity Index (CDAI) on their rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients, my colleague reminded me that promoting objective measurement in RA has been one of my unsuccessful, ongoing projects for more th

by Marc Cohen on 12/05/2013

The B-cell depleting agent rituximab is very efficient at eliminating most, if not all, circulating peripheral B-cells, probably quickly depleting upwards of 98% of these cells. Obviously, however, this drug is not 98% effective in the treatment of any rheumatologic disease.

by Marc Cohen on 11/14/2013

There have been a number of presentations lately of new drugs with interesting and unique mechanisms of action. Think of ustekinumab and apremilast for psoriatic arthritis, and mavrilimumab and tabalumab for rheumatoid arthritis.

by Gregg Silverman on 10/30/2013

Biologic agents for the treatment of inflammatory diseases are now well-accepted components of rheumatologists’ armentarium. However, the patent protection for some of the oldest agents is either fast approaching or has already expired in the European market.

by Marc Cohen on 10/23/2013

Looking for something the other day, a reprint of an old article revealed itself. An editorial, it was over-written, emotional, strident, and more than a little obnoxious.